Keep your youth alive!

Now it's 2021, and yet, we are still reawakened Commodorks! Still developing, Still creating, and still looking for that next best thing our beloved systems needs. Weither its software and/or hardware, it's nice to see that we still have alot of Commodore enthusiasts around believing there's still some kind of business or hobby with all this. That old parts are available for replacement and even new ideas are being developed.

I've been collecting retro consoles and computers for the past 3 years, though I have a history with a lot of the machines in my collection that goes way back to my childhood. Even though I have tried to leave this part of my life behind several times, somehow I always return back. These retro systems have some kind of spirit the modern PCs do not have. Hard to explain, but thats how I see it. I have acquired a number of commodore machine and have enjoyed opening these machines up and digging around to see what made them tick (which I would never have dared do with my full-priced consoles back in the day when I was a kid and $199 was a fortune.) I also incredibly enjoyed cleaning and restoring them to as new a condition as I could, fixing old controllers, replacing worn cartridge connectors, stuff like that.

Well, that's my retro story in a nutshell. I'm glad to be here at this point and look forward to going even deeper down this rabbit-hole, trying to keep 35+ year old computers and consoles running.

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