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The most beloved computer systems of all time was introduced to the world: the Commodore 64.

The Commodore 64, or C64, was an 8-bit computer that was a competitor to the more expensive Apple II. It would go on to dominate the PC world for almost 10 years.

I am a (IMA)

My story starts with a young man very interested in computers and electronics and at about the age of 7 years old, I saw my first machine... A Tandy TRS-80 . A bit later, I found myself using Commodore PET Machines in school and began to learn BASIC. Fast forward to junior high school where I was using Apple II/+/e series machines, but at home, my heart was with my Commodore 64! Even today its still my absolute favorite old machine (though I have always been obsessed with the Amiga as well). 

With the dramatic fall of Commodore we all entered the dark ages of computing (Modern PC's)

With Snow Leopard I finally took the Mac seriously and migrated to OS X (and iOS). 

Commodore Basic's for Mac...WHERE?

I am a Mac User, but the "We'll soon start working on a Mac version of..." haunts me everyday. The tool I so despartly need manipulate a disk image only exists for WINdows OS. Then again, I finally find it for MAC only to be directed to a "404 ERROR". Ugghh! Next i'll hear "Just emulate a WINdows Machine" which seems to be the next logical step, but i really want to emulate a emulator? I dont think so...

The time has come for this to change! Introducing, the Mac section! This is where you will find an list of links to sites for Mac emulation (if available) as well as local downloads.