The most beloved computer systems of all time was introduced to the world: the Commodore 64.

The Commodore 64, or C64, was an 8-bit computer that was a competitor to the more expensive Apple II. It would go on to dominate the PC world for almost 10 years.

I am a (I'M A)

My story starts with a young man very interested in computers and electronics and at about the age of 7 years old, I saw my first machine... A Tandy TRS-80 . A bit later, I found myself using Commodore PET Machines in school and began to learn BASIC. Fast forward to junior high school where I was using Apple II/+/e series machines, but at home, my heart was with my Commodore 64! Even today its still my absolute favorite old machine (though I have always been obsessed with the Amiga as well).

With the dramatic fall of Commodore we all entered the dark ages of computing (Modern PC's)

With Snow Leopard I finally took the Mac seriously and migrated to OS X (and iOS).

Commodore Basic's for Mac...WHERE?

I am a Mac User, but the "We'll soon start working on a Mac version of..." haunts me everyday. The tool I so desperately need manipulate a disk image only exists for WINdows OS. Then again, I finally find it for MAC only to be directed to a "404 ERROR". Ugghh! Next I'll hear "Just emulate a WINdows Machine" which seems to be the next logical step, but do i really want to emulate a emulator?
I don't think so...

The time has come for this to change! Introducing, the Mac section! This is where you will find a list of links to sites for Mac emulation (if available) as well as local downloads. 

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